Southampton Airport Live Departures (SOU)

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Southampton Airport Live Departures

Southampton Flight Arrivals

Previous flights
15:1004 DecemberEstimated 15:10Alderney ACIAurigny Air ServicesGR506
15:4004 DecemberEstimated 15:40Dublin DUBAer LingusEI3305
15:5504 DecemberEstimated 15:55Glasgow GLALoganairLM4962
15:5504 DecemberEstimated 15:55Glasgow GLABritish AirwaysBA4056
15:5504 DecemberEstimated 15:55Glasgow GLASierra Pacific AirlinesSI7496
16:2504 DecemberScheduledAlderney ACIAurigny Air ServicesGR508
16:2504 DecemberEstimated 16:25Edinburgh EDILoganairLM3262
16:2504 DecemberEstimated 16:25Edinburgh EDIBritish AirwaysBA4106
16:2504 DecemberEstimated 16:25Edinburgh EDISierra Pacific AirlinesSI7326
16:5004 DecemberEstimated 16:50Jersey JERBlue IslandsSI33752
16:5004 DecemberEstimated 16:50Jersey JERLoganairLM2375
16:5004 DecemberEstimated 16:50Jersey JERX13987
16:5004 DecemberEstimated 17:00Jersey JERBlue IslandsSI375
16:5004 DecemberEstimated 16:50Jersey JERSierra Pacific AirlinesSI33752
16:5004 DecemberEstimated 16:50Jersey JERLoganairLM2375
16:5004 DecemberEstimated 16:50Jersey JERX13987
17:1004 DecemberEstimated 17:10Belfast BHDAer LingusEI36051
17:1004 DecemberEstimated 17:10Belfast BHDBritish AirwaysBA8975
17:2504 DecemberEstimated 17:25Amsterdam AMSKLMKL9203
17:2504 DecemberEstimated 17:25Amsterdam AMSAir FranceAF3195
17:2504 DecemberEstimated 17:25Amsterdam AMSDelta Air LinesDL9685
17:2504 DecemberEstimated 17:25Amsterdam AMSKenya AirwaysKQ920
17:4004 DecemberEstimated 17:40Manchester MANEastern AirwaysT3806
19:5004 DecemberEstimated 19:50Glasgow GLALoganairLM4982
19:5004 DecemberEstimated 19:50Glasgow GLABritish AirwaysBA4088
19:5004 DecemberEstimated 19:50Glasgow GLASierra Pacific AirlinesSI7498
19:5004 DecemberEstimated 19:50Jersey JERBlue IslandsSI33912
19:5004 DecemberEstimated 19:50Jersey JERLoganairLM2391
19:5004 DecemberEstimated 19:50Jersey JERX13993
19:5004 DecemberEstimated 20:00Jersey JERBlue IslandsSI391
19:5504 DecemberEstimated 19:55Guernsey GCIBlue IslandsSI33433
19:5504 DecemberEstimated 19:55Guernsey GCIAurigny Air ServicesGR1343
19:5504 DecemberEstimated 19:55Guernsey GCILoganairLM2343
19:5504 DecemberEstimated 19:55Guernsey GCIX13973
19:5504 DecemberEstimated 20:05Guernsey GCIBlue IslandsSI643
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