Southampton Airport Live Arrivals (SOU)

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Southampton Airport Live Arrivals

Southampton Flight Departures

03 OctEstimated 18:23Aer Lingus 1EI3604
03 OctEstimated 18:23British AirwaysBA8974
03 OctEstimatedBlue IslandsSI390
03 OctEstimatedBlue IslandsSI642
03 OctEstimatedBlue Islands 3SI3342
03 OctEstimatedAurigny Air ServicesGR1342
03 OctEstimatedLoganairLM2342
03 OctEstimatedX13972
03 OctEstimatedBlue Islands 2SI3390
03 OctEstimatedLoganairLM2390
03 OctEstimatedX13992
03 OctEstimated 19:08Loganair 2LM497
03 OctEstimated 19:08British AirwaysBA4087
03 OctEstimated 19:08Sierra Pacific AirlinesSI7497
03 OctEstimated 18:59Loganair 2LM539
03 OctEstimated 18:59British AirwaysBA4011
03 OctEstimated 18:59Sierra Pacific AirlinesSI7039
03 OctEstimated 19:10Aer Lingus 1EI3308
03 OctEstimated 19:10British AirwaysBA8988
03 OctEstimatedLoganair 2LM329
03 OctEstimatedBritish AirwaysBA4089
03 OctEstimatedSierra Pacific AirlinesSI7329
03 OctScheduledLoganair 1LM499
03 OctScheduledBritish AirwaysBA4082
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