Manchester Airport Live Departures (MAN)

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Manchester Airport Live Departures

Manchester Flight Arrivals

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5:4001 AprilEstimated 05:40Lisbon LISTAP Air PortugalTP13111
5:4001 AprilEstimated 05:40Lisbon LISAzores AirlinesS48283
5:5001 AprilEstimated 04:50Cork ORKRyanairFR1863
5:5501 AprilEstimated 04:55Paris CDGAir FranceAF12694
5:5501 AprilEstimated 04:55Paris CDGAeromexicoAM5778
5:5501 AprilEstimated 04:55Paris CDGDelta Air LinesDL8249
5:5501 AprilEstimated 04:55Paris CDGKorean AirKE6396
5:5501 AprilEstimated 04:55Paris CDGVirgin AtlanticVS6727
5:5501 AprilEstimated 05:55Malaga AGPRyanairFR3208
5:5501 AprilEstimated 04:55Amsterdam AMSKLMKL107012
5:5501 AprilEstimated 04:55Amsterdam AMSAeromexicoAM6464
5:5501 AprilEstimated 04:55Amsterdam AMSAlitaliaAZ3743
5:5501 AprilEstimated 04:55Amsterdam AMSAir BalticBT6018
5:5501 AprilEstimated 04:55Amsterdam AMSChina AirlinesCI9496
5:5501 AprilEstimated 04:55Amsterdam AMSChina Southern AirlinesCZ7670
5:5501 AprilEstimated 04:55Amsterdam AMSDelta Air LinesDL9193
5:5501 AprilEstimated 04:55Amsterdam AMSGolG35692
5:5501 AprilEstimated 04:55Amsterdam AMSGaruda IndonesiaGA9761
5:5501 AprilEstimated 04:55Amsterdam AMSAir SerbiaJU7641
5:5501 AprilEstimated 04:55Amsterdam AMSAir AstanaKC1426
5:5501 AprilEstimated 04:55Amsterdam AMSXiamen AirlinesMF9790
5:5501 AprilEstimated 04:55Amsterdam AMSVirgin AtlanticVS6925
5:5501 AprilEstimated 06:13Malta MLAeasyJetU22273
6:0001 AprilEstimated 05:00Chambery CMFTUI AirwaysBY2614
6:0001 AprilEstimated 05:00Chambery CMFTUI AirwaysBY2626
6:0501 AprilEstimated 05:05Brussels BRUBrussels AirlinesSN21844
6:0501 AprilEstimated 05:05Brussels BRUAegean AirlinesA33011
6:0501 AprilEstimated 05:05Brussels BRUAir CanadaAC6373
6:0501 AprilEstimated 05:05Brussels BRUHainan AirlinesHU8557
6:0501 AprilEstimated 05:05Brussels BRUUnited AirlinesUA9908
6:0501 AprilEstimated 06:05Barcelona BCNeasyJetU22001
6:0501 AprilEstimated 06:23Dalaman DLMeasyJetU22143
6:0501 AprilEstimated 06:25Alicante ALCTUIflyX32620
6:1001 AprilEstimated 06:10Venice VCEeasyJetU22121
6:1501 AprilEstimated 05:15Frankfurt FRALufthansaLH9493
6:1501 AprilEstimated 05:15Frankfurt FRAANANH6236
6:1501 AprilEstimated 05:15Frankfurt FRAAustrianOS7372
6:1501 AprilEstimated 05:15Frankfurt FRAUnited AirlinesUA9043
6:2001 AprilEstimated 06:20Brussels CRLRyanairFR613
6:2001 AprilEstimated 06:20Alicante ALCeasyJetU22013
6:2001 AprilEstimated 06:38Lanzarote ACEeasyJetU22029
6:2001 AprilEstimated 06:38Sofia SOFeasyJetU22221
6:2001 AprilEstimated 06:40Gibraltar GIBeasyJetU22267
6:2501 AprilEstimated 06:38Milan BGYRyanairFR3216
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