London Gatwick Airport Live Departures (LGW)

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London Gatwick Airport Live Departures

London Gatwick Flight Arrivals

Previous flights
20:5031 MarchDeparted 20:58Oslo OSLNorwegian Air Shuttle AOCDY1311
20:5031 MarchDeparted 21:10Rome FCOVuelingVY62272
20:5031 MarchDeparted 21:10Rome FCOBritish AirwaysBA8055
20:5031 MarchDeparted 21:10Rome FCOIberiaIB5499
20:5531 MarchEstimated 22:30Porto OPOTAP Air PortugalTP13352
20:5531 MarchEstimated 22:30Porto OPOAir BalticBT5345
20:5531 MarchEstimated 22:30Porto OPOAzores AirlinesS48051
20:5531 MarchDeparted 20:55Ibiza IBZeasyJetU28105
21:0031 MarchDeparted 21:40Bergen BGONorwegian Air Shuttle AOCDY1319
21:0031 MarchDeparted 21:38Edinburgh EDIeasyJetU2811
21:0031 MarchEstimated 23:15Rome FCOWizz AirW62700
21:0531 MarchDeparted 21:25Barcelona BCNVuelingVY78212
21:0531 MarchDeparted 21:25Barcelona BCNBritish AirwaysBA8063
21:0531 MarchDeparted 21:25Barcelona BCNIberiaIB5604
21:1031 MarchDeparted 21:25Bucharest OTPWizz AirW63032
21:1531 MarchDeparted 21:41Stavanger SVGNorwegian Air Shuttle AOCDY1337
21:2531 MarchDeparted 21:25Dublin DUBRyanairFR123
21:3531 MarchDeparted 21:35Dublin DUBAer LingusEI2491
21:3531 MarchDeparted 21:35Dublin DUBBritish AirwaysBA5919
21:4531 MarchDeparted 21:45Dubai DXBEmiratesEK101
21:4531 MarchDeparted 21:45Dubai DXBQantasQF8010
21:4531 MarchEstimated 22:26Barcelona BCNVuelingVY78292
21:4531 MarchEstimated 22:26Barcelona BCNBritish AirwaysBA8071
21:4531 MarchEstimated 22:26Barcelona BCNIberiaIB5612
21:5531 MarchCancelledPalma de Mallorca PMIeasyJetU28091
21:5531 MarchEstimated 23:00Larnaca LCAWizz AirW65749
22:0031 MarchEstimated 22:20Marseille MRSHarmony Jets78
22:0031 MarchEstimated 22:00Dublin DUBRyanairFR127
22:0531 MarchEstimated 22:05Athens ATHWizz AirW65747

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