London City Airport Live Arrivals (LCY)

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London City Airport Live Arrivals

London City Flight Departures

Previous flights
18:0004 DecemberLanded 17:33Vilnius VNOLOT - Polish AirlinesLO273
18:1504 DecemberLanded 18:03Isle Of Man IOMLoganairLM6771
18:1504 DecemberLanded 18:03Isle Of Man IOMBritish AirwaysBA4047
18:2004 DecemberLanded 18:18Amsterdam AMSBritish AirwaysBA8456
18:2504 DecemberEstimated 19:07Edinburgh EDIBritish AirwaysBA8709
18:2504 DecemberLanded 18:23Amsterdam AMSKLMKL9912
18:2504 DecemberLanded 18:23Amsterdam AMSKenya AirwaysKQ991
18:2504 DecemberLanded 18:23Amsterdam AMSVirgin AtlanticVS6990
18:3004 DecemberLanded 18:25Frankfurt FRABritish AirwaysBA8735
18:3004 DecemberLanded 18:38Zurich ZRHSWISSLX466
18:3104 DecemberLanded 18:37Glasgow GLABritish AirwaysBA303
18:3504 DecemberEstimated 19:01Geneva GVASWISSLX446
18:3504 DecemberLanded 18:28Milan LINGerman AirwaysZQ220
18:4004 DecemberLanded 18:31Prague PRGBritish AirwaysBA7338
18:4004 DecemberLanded 18:33Dundee DNDLoganairLM625
18:4504 DecemberScheduledGlasgow GLABritish AirwaysBA8729
18:4504 DecemberLanded 18:13Belfast BHDBritish AirwaysBA87571
18:4504 DecemberLanded 18:13Belfast BHDAer LingusEI8357
18:5504 DecemberLanded 18:38Rotterdam RTMBritish AirwaysBA4458
19:1004 DecemberEstimated 19:29Barcelona BCNBritish AirwaysBA8760
19:2504 DecemberLanded 18:53Ibiza IBZBritish AirwaysBA84621
19:2504 DecemberLanded 18:53Ibiza IBZIberiaIB7689
19:3504 DecemberScheduledAmsterdam AMSKLMKL9971
19:3504 DecemberScheduledAmsterdam AMSVirgin AtlanticVS7060
19:4504 DecemberEstimated 19:14Malaga AGPBritish AirwaysBA84881
19:4504 DecemberEstimated 19:14Malaga AGPIberiaIB7705
19:4504 DecemberEstimated 19:29Luxembourg LUXLuxairLG4597
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