Glasgow International Airport Live Arrivals (GLA)

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Glasgow International Airport Live Arrivals

Glasgow International Flight Departures

03 OctLanded 07:41Aer Lingus 1EI3622
03 OctLanded 07:41British AirwaysBA8880
03 OctEstimated 07:51Aer Lingus 1EI3220
03 OctEstimated 07:51British AirwaysBA8920
03 OctCancelledBritish AirwaysBA8720
03 OctEstimated 08:10easyJetU2201
03 OctEstimatedeasyJetU2418
03 OctEstimated 08:19German Airways 4ZQ1473
03 OctEstimated 08:19Delta Air LinesDL9241
03 OctEstimated 08:19Etihad AirwaysEY5817
03 OctEstimated 08:19Kenya AirwaysKQ1473
03 OctEstimated 08:19Xiamen AirlinesMF9945
03 OctEstimated 08:47easyJetU27667
03 OctEstimatedLoganair 2LM471
03 OctEstimatedBritish AirwaysBA4121
03 OctEstimatedKLMKL3826
03 OctScheduledLoganairLM444
03 OctScheduledLoganair 1LM422
03 OctScheduledBritish AirwaysBA4022
03 OctEstimatedeasyJetU2428
03 OctEstimatedeasyJetU2861
03 OctEstimatedBritish Airways 4BA1474
03 OctEstimatedAmerican AirlinesAA6740
03 OctEstimatedJet Linx AviationJL7139
03 OctEstimatedMalaysia AirlinesMH9836
03 OctEstimatedQatar AirwaysQR5945
03 OctEstimatedLoganair 2LM492
03 OctEstimatedBritish AirwaysBA4066
03 OctEstimatedSierra Pacific AirlinesSI7492
03 OctEstimatedeasyJetU2402
03 OctScheduledeasyJetU2408
03 OctScheduledeasyJetU2869
03 OctEstimatedIcelandair 1FI430
03 OctEstimatedJetBlue AirwaysB65654
03 OctScheduledLoganairLM454
03 OctScheduledAer Lingus 1EI3222
03 OctScheduledBritish AirwaysBA8922
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