Edinburgh Airport Live Departures (EDI)

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Edinburgh Airport Live Departures

Edinburgh Flight Arrivals

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04 December13:00Departed 13:09Doha DOHQatar AirwaysQR306
04 December13:00Departed 13:09Doha DOHBritish AirwaysBA5800
04 December13:00Departed 13:09Doha DOHMalaysia AirlinesMH4175
04 December13:00Departed 13:09Doha DOHSriLankan AirlinesUL3585
04 December13:00Departed 13:09Doha DOHVirgin AustraliaVA6104
04 December13:00Departed 13:09Doha DOHRwandAirWB1006
04 December13:00Departed 13:09Doha DOHOman AirWY6001
04 December13:00Departed 13:18Puerto del Rosario FUEeasyJetU26987
04 December13:10Departed 13:25Belfast BFSeasyJetU2488
04 December13:20Departed 13:35Paris BVARyanairFR5591
04 December13:20Departed 13:35Katowice KTWRyanairFR5669
04 December13:40Estimated 13:55Brussels CRLRyanairFR7352
04 December13:50Estimated 13:50London LHRBritish AirwaysBA14496
04 December13:50Estimated 13:50London LHRRoyal Air MarocAT5201
04 December13:50Estimated 13:50London LHRFinnairAY5980
04 December13:50Estimated 13:50London LHRJALJL7744
04 December13:50Estimated 13:50London LHRKenya AirwaysKQ4069
04 December13:50Estimated 13:50London LHRLATAM AirlinesLA5525
04 December13:50Estimated 13:50London LHRQatar AirwaysQR6287
04 December13:50Estimated 13:50Krakow KRKRyanairFR5623
04 December14:05Estimated 14:05Stornoway, Outer Stat Hebrides SYYLoganairLM3432
04 December14:05Estimated 14:05Stornoway, Outer Stat Hebrides SYYBritish AirwaysBA4083
04 December14:05Estimated 14:05Stornoway, Outer Stat Hebrides SYYKLMKL3816
04 December14:05Estimated 14:05Stockholm ARNNordicaND2542
04 December14:15Estimated 14:15London LCYBritish AirwaysBA8703
04 December14:15Estimated 14:40Shetland Islands LSILoganairLM3572
04 December14:15Estimated 14:40Shetland Islands LSIBritish AirwaysBA4097
04 December14:15Estimated 14:40Shetland Islands LSIKLMKL3171
04 December14:25Estimated 14:25Amsterdam AMSeasyJetU26921
04 December14:30Estimated 14:30London LCYBritish AirwaysBA8717
04 December14:30Estimated 14:45Sevilla SVQRyanairFR6760
04 December14:30Estimated 14:30Southampton SOULoganairLM3252
04 December14:30Estimated 14:30Southampton SOUBritish AirwaysBA4105
04 December14:30Estimated 14:30Southampton SOUSierra Pacific AirlinesSI7325
04 December14:50Estimated 15:05Dublin DUBRyanairFR841
04 December14:55Estimated 14:55London LGWeasyJetU2808
04 December15:00Estimated 15:00Kirkwall KOILoganairLM3912
04 December15:00Estimated 15:00Kirkwall KOIBritish AirwaysBA4061
04 December15:00Estimated 15:00Kirkwall KOIKLMKL3821
04 December15:05Estimated 15:05Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse BSLeasyJetU26918
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