Belfast City George Best Airport Live Departures (BHD)

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Belfast City George Best Airport Live Departures

Belfast City George Best Flight Arrivals

Previous flights
12:5004 DecemberDeparted 12:49London LCYBritish AirwaysBA87551
12:5004 DecemberDeparted 12:49London LCYAer LingusEI8355
13:1004 DecemberDeparted 13:20London LHRBritish AirwaysBA934
13:1504 DecemberDeparted 13:15London LHRAer LingusEI9342
13:1504 DecemberDeparted 13:15London LHRAir CanadaAC6891
13:1504 DecemberDeparted 13:15London LHRBritish AirwaysBA5984
14:0004 DecemberEstimated 14:00Birmingham BHXAer LingusEI36461
14:0004 DecemberEstimated 14:00Birmingham BHXBritish AirwaysBA8894
14:1504 DecemberEstimated 14:15Leeds LBAAer LingusEI36761
14:1504 DecemberEstimated 14:15Leeds LBABritish AirwaysBA8872
14:3004 DecemberEstimated 14:30Amsterdam AMSFlybeBE1335
14:5504 DecemberEstimated 15:05Leicestershire EMAFlybeBE367
15:0004 DecemberEstimated 15:10Manchester MANFlybeBE483
15:0004 DecemberEstimated 15:00Southampton SOUAer LingusEI36041
15:0004 DecemberEstimated 15:00Southampton SOUBritish AirwaysBA8974
15:0004 DecemberEstimated 15:00Dundee DNDLoganairLM662
15:1504 DecemberEstimated 15:15London LHRBritish AirwaysBA14176
15:1504 DecemberEstimated 15:15London LHRAmerican AirlinesAA6706
15:1504 DecemberEstimated 15:15London LHRAer LingusEI8307
15:1504 DecemberEstimated 15:15London LHRIberiaIB7564
15:1504 DecemberEstimated 15:15London LHRMalaysia AirlinesMH9709
15:1504 DecemberEstimated 15:15London LHRQantasQF3542
15:1504 DecemberEstimated 15:15London LHRQatar AirwaysQR5901
15:1504 DecemberEstimated 15:15Edinburgh EDIAer LingusEI3656
15:2004 DecemberEstimated 15:20Manchester MANAer LingusEI36141
15:2004 DecemberEstimated 15:20Manchester MANBritish AirwaysBA8904
15:4504 DecemberEstimated 15:45Bristol BRSeasyJetU2508
15:5004 DecemberEstimated 15:50Aberdeen ABZLoganairLM861
15:5004 DecemberEstimated 15:50Aberdeen ABZBritish AirwaysBA4026
16:0504 DecemberEstimated 16:15London LHRFlybeBE973
16:3004 DecemberEstimated 16:40Amsterdam AMSKLMKL9484
16:3004 DecemberEstimated 16:40Amsterdam AMSAir FranceAF8284
16:3004 DecemberEstimated 16:40Amsterdam AMSDelta Air LinesDL9183
16:3004 DecemberEstimated 16:40Amsterdam AMSKenya AirwaysKQ948
16:3004 DecemberEstimated 16:40Amsterdam AMSVirgin AtlanticVS6855
17:1004 DecemberEstimated 17:10London LCYBritish AirwaysBA87571
17:1004 DecemberEstimated 17:10London LCYAer LingusEI8357
17:3004 DecemberCancelledBirmingham BHXAer LingusEI36481
17:3004 DecemberCancelledBirmingham BHXBritish AirwaysBA8896
17:3504 DecemberEstimated 17:35Leeds LBAAer LingusEI3678
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