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I Pachchai Exhibitions - Bangalore

I. Pachchai exhibition - at Safina Plaza, Bangalore

This exhibition was organised during November 24 - 30, 2003 in association with Small Industies Development Bank of India (SIDBI), Bangalore. 12 NGOs including Indus Tree participated in this first exhibition. 


Total sales

Total sales of 12 participants for 7 days is Rs. 5,84,463


Publicity & Promotion


Publicity poster of Pachchai - 2003



Article on Pachchai on Deccan Herald - November 20, 2003 



1. Targeted customers through mailers: 4 mailing lists were used and 4000 mailers were sent out on the 19th-20th Nov. The mailing list targeted craft lovers, socialites, and house wives.

2. Press meet was held at the Bangalore press club on the 22nd of November. Press note was circulated, brief note of the exhibition appeared in Hindu and other papers on the 24th.

3. Banners were put up in and around Safina Plaza to attract more customers.

4. Write ups to Deccan Herald (article on Metro times-Nov 20th), TOI (29th Nov) and Eenadu on 27th 

5. Coverage on What’s up Bangalore: FM Radio city

6. Contacted bulk buyers to visit and directly place orders with the NGOs.


Participated NGOs & their stalls at the exhibition

Pottery craft - Potter Shed, Tamil Nadu

Banjara Embroidery products - Crafts Council of Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh

Potter shed's Sales at the exhibition - 
Rs. 1,08,300

CCAP's Sales at the exhibition - Rs. 21,430

Lambani embroidery, textile products - Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra, Karnataka

Banana products - Kishkinda Trust, Karnataka

Sandur's Sales at the exhibition - Rs. 52,400

Kishkinda's Sales at the exhibition - 
Rs. 22,630

Embroidery products - Sabala, Karnataka

Chettinad boxes - M Rm Rm Foundation, Tamil Nadu

Sabala's Sales at the exhibition - Rs. 17,207

M Rm's Sales at the exhibition - Rs. 15,055

Wooden lacquer toys - Maya Organics, Bangalore

Kalamkaari products - Dwaraka, Bangalore

Maya's Sales at the exhibition - Rs. 59,442

Dwaraka's Sales at the exhibition - 
Rs. 1,00,724

Wooden lacquer toys - Padmavathi Associates, Andhra Pradesh

Natural fibre products - Indus Tree Crafts, Bangalore

Padmavathi's Sales at the exhibition - 
Rs. 44,550

Indus Tree's Sales at the exhibition - 
Rs. 104085

Jute and textile products from Shramik Abhivridhi Sangh, Karnataka

Screwpine products from Kottapuram Integrated Development Society, Kerala

Sales at the exhibition - Rs. 28,635

Sales at the exhibition - Rs. 10,005


Benefits of the exhibition

1. Most of the NGOs got linkages with more bulk buyers.


2. The feedback from the market is taken into consideration by NGOs to improve their product range, colour combinations and diversifying into new products.


3. Ten participating NGOs were from places like Kodaikanal, Sandur, Anegundi, Etikopaka, Bijapur, Yellamma (A.P), etc. For such organisations an exposure to the Bangalore market was an eye opener in terms of increased sales and constructive feedback.


4. Under one roof the customer was exposed to various crafts of southern India in terms of skills, product range, material, etc.


5. The organisers have developed a strong mailing list through this exhibition which is a resourceful information for future events like these.


6. Press release of the event led to publicity for the NGOs and generating an awareness among the customer groups.



for trade enquiries please visit Indus Tree Crafts Pvt. Ltd.