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Natural fibres



India has large resource of natural fibres such as Banana, Khus, Sisal, Korai grass, Talipot, Palm leaf, Coconut, Pineapple, Screwpine, Golden grass, Jute, Sabai etc. The rural artisans are converting these fibres into value added finished products such as Bags, Table mats, Cushion covers, hats, floor coverings, etc., and such activity provides large employment to the rural poor; specially the underprivileged class. 

Since the sector is unorganised, it is not getting the desired focus for development & investment. The cost of the fibre extraction, processing is too high compared to cost of imported raw material, as all these activities are being done by manual methods by traditional way. The technology and not flown in right way to this segment and thus the finished products are not facing high competition in the International market, in terms of Quality, Price, Production capacity, Time schedule and Consistency. There are instances where in our entrepreneurs had to say No to bulk orders.

In this regard National Institute of Design made a survey of southern states and identified the enormous potential the country has in this untapped area. These resources have not been fully tapped by the Handicrafts or any other sector so far. Only few NGO’s in southern, Central, Eastern & North Eastern states of India are working in this field & producing Bags, Table mats, Baskets, etc.

These products are marketed locally & also exported to Western countries such as Europe & USA, thus earning good foreign exchange. However, due to traditional & completely manual process of extraction of fibres, processing, dyeing, etc., the cost of these products are high and it is becoming difficult to compete in the International Market. The total production in this sector is estimated at Rs. 10 crore.


Following are the natural fibres, we mainly work with:


1. Banana

2. Palm leaf

3. Sisal

4. Bamboo

5. Korai grass

6. Screwpine

7. Water Hyacinth


Products made out with the above natural fibres are:


1.  Floor mats

2.  Carpets 

3.  Furniture

4.  Boxes

5.  Bags

6.  Trays

7.  Office accessories

8.  Personal accessories

9.  Kitchen accessories

10. Bins

11. Laundry bins

12. Blinds

13. Cushions / Cushion covers

14. CD boxes

........... and many more


for trade enquiries please visit Indus Tree Crafts Pvt. Ltd.

Different plant pictures and click on the picture to see detailed information on that fibre










Korai grass


Screw pine


Water hyacinth